Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

It is a well known fact that beautiful skin comes from healthy living and eating and getting enough rest. I am sure you have heard that beauty comes from within and that is more true than you know. Look at people who are always up late partying, having a good time, living it up, they seem to age much quicker that those that live a healthier more health conscience lifestyle.

So before you decide to pull an all nighter, partying until the break of dawn, stop and think about what you want to look like in the morning, how about a year or 5 years from now. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Remember what you put IN your body will eventually show up on the outside in one way or another. So here are a few tips to live by:

Eating for beauty means getting a decent among of fiber in your diet each day. A good among of fiber is 25 grams of it, this is easy to have as part of your daily intake. You can eat a good fiber based cereal in the morning for a simple solution.

Protein is another powerful tool to staying beautiful even as you age. For the best possible diet protein should make up at least 20 percent of all that you eat. The more protein that you eat the more energy you are going to have to get you through your day. This great food source is gong to keep you feeling and looking good in every way.

Exercise is important because it will get the blood really flowing in your body. It is the blood that will bring the essential oxygen to the skin to keep it flushed and fresh looking. It will bring many other nutrients as well, ones that will keep the pesky wrinkles and creases at bay.

Sleep is just as essential as any other part of your daily routine. Sleep is what is going to give you that extra boost every day. Sleep is when you let your batteries recharge. Your immune system and your cells will recharge like they need to while you sleep. If you have been eating right all of those great vitamins and minerals will really pay off while you sleep.

In order to stay pretty and young you need to have a balanced life with a good diet, plenty of sleep to rejuvenate your body, and as much exercise as possible. Between these three key things you will be looking good long into your life.

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