All Natural VS Manmade – Why Herbal is Better!

For thousands of years herbal medicine has been used to cure disease, heal wounds and cure the sick. Because herbal medicine can’t make pharmacutical companies, Drs. or Hospitals money as much as they would like it’s much easier to push the man made remedies on us and then push more for the side effects they cause.

So why should you choose herbal over pharmacutical?? Well let’s look at a few of the facts and then you can decide for yourself. Remember above all, you should be under the care of a physician when taking ANY remedy, whether it be herbal or not. You can look into Homeopathic medicine and practicioners and they would be able to help you also. So now that, that is out of the way, what are the benefits of Herbal Medicine?

It’s Cheap – Money matters always so taking herbal medicine is not only better for the body, it’s better for the pockets too!

It’s Easy to Make – That’s right. You can make your own herbal medicine. Just follow the formula the way you would with a kitchen recipe.

It’s All Natural – And of course, all-natural is better than man-made more often than not. Because of that, there are fewer reasons to worry about symptoms and side effects. If you’re the one making the herbal medicine yourself, do make sure that you’re using clean utensils (clean hands also, please!) and the right herbs.

A Little Warning about Herbal Medicine

We can all agree that herbal medicine is truly helpful to the human race. But herbal medicine can also become a danger – but blame the humans (that’s us) for that as well.

You have to take the necessary precautions to ensure that herbal medicine will be completely beneficial to your body.

First, if you’re going to buy herbal medicine rather than making one for yourself, it’s essential that you buy herbal medicine that’s produced by a reputable company and buy it from a reputable retailer or seller as well. There are a lot of fake herbal medicines out in the market so just to be safe than sorry, do choose one that has proven to be effective.

Secondly, do be aware that it’s very much possible to overdose on herbal medicine. And when that happens, it means that you took more than advised. Hence, do consult your doctor first about the appropriate dosage and even if you feel that it wouldn’t harm you to increase the dosage, let’s just stick to the safe side once more and follow what the good doctor says.

Lastly, it’s imperative that you inform your doctor if you’re already taking other medications because it could react negatively when you start taking herbal medicine as well.

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