Are Your Periods Regular?

A girls first period usually occurs around 12-13 years old, but can start as late as 16 and isn’t a reason for alarm. Once it starts it will occur around every 28 days and last normally from 5-7 days, a few days more or less again is no need to panic as everyone is different but once you do start and are close to the age of becoming sexually active it would be wise to go in for your first yearly female check up and pap smear. It is then you can talk to your doctor about your periods and if they are normal or not. If you have not started your period by the age of 16 and are not extremely active and athletic you might want to talk with a doctor about why you haven’t started yet.

Pain during menstruation
Painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea is the most common problem for any woman. This causes inability to carry day to day responsibilities due to lower abdominal cramping, vomiting, nausea and headache during menstruation. Pain during menstruation can be categorized into two types. One is the primary dysmenorrhea which is quite normal because of painful contractions as a result of release of natural substances called prostaglandins from the uterine walls.

The second one or secondary dysmenorrhea is evident after many years of normal menstruation as a disease of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Most common factors include abnormal growth, tumors, pelvic infection, uterine cancer or even endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease whereby the uterine tissue is found outside the uterus, in fallopian tubes or ovaries. This could also end up in infertility.

Menstruation stopping
Many women also face stopping of menstruation for a period say 6 months or more are said to have amenorrhea or absence of menstruation. Another reason for stopping of menstruation includes stress among women that whether they are pregnant or will have their menstruation in time. Emotional stress, physical and mental health problems can also lead to stopped periods for a long time. Menstruation stops during pregnancy and if a women intakes birth control pills then it takes 6 months to year to resume normal periods.

Reasons or factors for stopping menstrual cycles:

1. Sometimes women don’t have menstruation as their ovaries don’t respond properly to the hormones releasing the egg

2. Ovarian cysts and obstruction in the reproductive tracts

3. Poor nutrition

4. Vigorous exercises

5. Diabetes

6. Tuberculosis

7. Non alcoholic liver disease

8. Chronic illness

9. Medications such as birth control pills

10. Obesity

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